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Designed for the challenges of the Commercial Pool Industry, the Robo-MAX has the performance and reliability you expect.  

For an investment of under $8,000-00 what's stopping you from upgrading to the Robo-MAX today.






The wide body on the Robo-MAX makes 50 meter pools a breeze. The high volume pumps enable a moving speed of approx 18m/pm enabling 220%  coverage of the floor of a 50 X 20 pool in just 4 hours








With simply plug and play technology, all you need to do, is add Power and Water and let the Robo-MAX go to work. With the remote control as standard, the 200D is ready to SPOT clean at your command







In the commercial environment "Uptime" is critical. That's why the Robo-MAX is designed for DIY servicing, spare parts are affordable, and no need for an expensive maintenance contract. 




All you need to do is add POWER and WATER and the Robo-Robots will do the rest.   If you want additional protection, purchase the All Weather Clear Cover, and the Remote control holder