We are confident the iCleaner will give you years

of trouble free operation

We also know that not everything always works perfectly everytime. 

Below, we have provided some lessons learnt from existing users. If you are having a difficulty with your iCleaner, hopefully your issue is identified below, but if it is not, we want to know about it, so click here and send us an email about your issue , so we can help you, and other owners.


            Error Message are displayed on the power box through a combination of flashing lights.


Yellow light flashing

The PCB inside the robot has over heated 

Contact service@roboticpoolcleaning.com.au for support or call 1300 88 66 09

Green light is flashing

The iCleaner has stopped due to lack of water - Return the robot to deeper water and restart
The impeller is broken, remove the impeller cover and inspect impeller (click here to order a new impeller)



Blue and Green lights flashing 

The walking (drive wheel) motors are over loaded
- Check the walking motors, Drive tracks and tacking belts for debris or damage 
- Clear debris or replace parts (see spare parts) 
- Restart the iCleaner. 
- If this occurs again, video the situation and email  

   service@roboticpoolcleaning.com.au or call 1300 88 66 09


Yellow and Green lights flashing

The water pump is over loaded 
-Turn the robot off,
- Check impeller for debris, or damage. Clean / replace impeller 
- Clean or replace the filter bag (see spare parts),
- Restart the iCleaner.

If this occurs again, email service@roboticpoolcleaning.com.au or call

   1300 88 66 09

Blue light flashing
The robot is upside down 
- Turn the iCleaner over, 
- Restart using the remote control or power switch
   If your robot turns upside down frequently, thoroughly clean the filter bag by placing it in the washing machine, and check the condition of your impeller...  if the robot still turns upside down, please contact      

   service@roboticpoolcleaning.com.au for support or call 1300 88 66 09

Issue :

"My floating cable is tangled!"


Solution :

"When the robot has finished it's cycle, disconnect the floating cable from the power supply, and wind it up carefully hand over hand. Place it neatly on the caddy, and store the iCleaner and caddy in a dry well ventilated area". 


You can also purchase a cover for the robot and caddy from the spare parts page.


When putting the iCleaner into the water, unroll the floating cable so that it lays flat on the ground, and allow the iCleaner to take whatever lead it needs to clean the pool. Do not throw all the floating cable into the pool unnecessarily.


With proper use, and care, the tangle resistant floating cable will remain supple and tangle free. The iCleaner must be removed from the water at the end of each cycle.  if you are leaving it in the water, you will void your warranty, and wearing parts will wear out quicker do to pool chemistry and UV, so please do not do this.

Issue :
"My float
ing cable has become so tangled I cannot use it,"


Solution :
"The floating cable is a remarkable product, and can be recovered from this situation. Untangle the floating cable, and then untwisted it until it is laying as flat as possible. Where there are sharp folds in the floating cable, gently bend them in the opposite direction to remove the kink. It won't be perfect, but it will be substantial better. Then, allow the floating cable to rest in the warm sun for a few hours. After this roll it up carefully, and put it away. Follow the correct storage process at the end of each cycle to avoid this haappening again."


Solution :

1. Ensure the iCleaner is pulled towards you and lifted out of the water in a smooth continuous motion. Stopping halfway, or at the pool surface, allows the water following the iCleaner to push the water retaining boards open, causing debris to fall out.


2. At the end of the cycle, restart the iCleaner and drive it up the wall.  Keep the motors running whilst you help it over the coping tiles.  Once clear of the pool, turn off the motors.


3. If you are still having difficults, call us on 1300 88 66 09 to discuss.


Ist Generation base plate

The 1st Generation Base Plate has locking tabs attached to the side of the iCleaner. It also has hooks at each end that hold the filter bag on. (refer to the image below)

Issue :
"The side clips come undone and the bag falls out when lifted out of the pool,"

Solution :
1. Ensure the filter bag is fitted correctly, and that the filter bag material is not

    caught between the base of the iCleaner and the base plate. This puts extra  

    pressure on the locking clips and may cause them to come undone.


2. We are able to upgrade the base plate to a 2nd generation base plate,

click here to find out how



1st generation

base plate

2nd generation

base plate

Under normal operating conditions, the water retaining boards do not have any real load on them.  As such, breakages are very unlikely.  We have discovered that if the robot is dropped into the water (instead of being placed gently in the water) then the force of the water hitting the base plate can break them off.   Place the robot gently in the pool, and we will be very surprised if you break another water retaing board.  

05   My water retaining boards (flaps on the base plate) keep breaking.  

06 How to tell if your Cleaner is a 120 or 200 model


The Floating cable is fixed to the body of the 120 robot. Whereas the floating cable in the 200 model can be detached from the robot's body.