The Water Cleanser





A non toxic, natural product made in Australia, that is transforming water quality and clarity like never before






Swimming Pools


Fish tanks and      rural septic tanks


Ponds, Dams and Lakes







Open Ocean Aquaculture






River Systems



The Water Cleanser


A probiotic block which consitutes a continual probiotic delivery mechanism which enhances the aquatic eco system.


Some of the benefits include            

  • Improved nitrogen cycle,

  • Healthier crops,

  • Stablisation of the natural bacterial system





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If you are looking for a cleaner safer pool for your family and friends, with chemical cost savings and less equipment maintenance, then you need to get The Water Cleanser" in your pool now.

The Water Cleanser is a natural way to :

  • Eliminate chlorinated hydrocarbons from your pool

  • Reduce filter maintenance 

  • Provide you with naturally clearer water

The 230 gm pool block is ideal for pools up to 60,000 litres. The water Cleanser is simple and easy to use.    Drop it in the skimmer box and after 10 weeks, add a new one.  allow two weeks for the new tablet to become fully effective, then remove the old one.  It is that simple.









Fish Tanks



The Water Cleanser "Balls" are suitable for all marine life.  It has been subjected to extensive tests over many years, and has proved to enhance the environment of all marine animals. 


Simply add 1  x water cleansing ball for fish tanks up to 50 litres, then simply add another ball for each 50 litres of water. The balls will last about 10 weeks, and then add new balls, leaving them all in for a further 2 weeks before revving the old balls.  



For the Rural septic tank, simply flush 4 balls down the toilet every 12 weeks to eliminate doors from your system.


The Water Cleanser balls are available in 4 ball or 16 ball packs.






Ponds Dams and Lakes


A 200 gram block that can service a 60,000 litre swimming pool, will only service a 1000 litre pond, dam or lake, because of the significant increase of waste in the environment.  Fish waste, (poo and wee) and excess food mean that higher dosages of The Water Cleanser are required.

For Ponds, a 400 gm Pond Block is suitable for 60,000 to 100,000 litres of water, and a 1kg block used for larger ponds. 

In lakes, a 1Kg block can be used to treat 100 sqm of water up to 15,000 sqm.  and the 5kg block should be used on 15,000sqm and above, and changed every 3 months.

Because ponds, dams and lakes have a natural water flow, caused by wind, currents and underwater movement there is no need for artificial water agitation.






There has been extensive testing and excellent results in Aquaculture, please read the attached PDF for more information



Open Water Aquaculture



There has been extensive testing and excellent results in open water aquaculture, please read the attached PDF for more information


River Systems



More information on river systems is coming soon